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Making a battery pack for an amplifier

Hello, I have a question. I recently bought an amp for acustic instruments Ibanez troubadour 30W, which works pretty good, but only source of power is AC. So, I decided to make a battery pack, I bought a 12V battery for motorcycle and power invertor, which changes from 12v to 230v (but pretty cheap one). It works, but there is a noise, a bit base and when I put the volume up it becomes higher. With this setup I use preamp with 9v battery as well (Fishmann Platinium Stage). Any suggestions for the source of the noise and how could I get it fixed??? Barcelona metro awaits me ;)
  • Try a different guitar, and different cords. It could be a loose ground issue. Go on the internet and see if other people have used your particular brand of invertor for audio purposes. Read to see if they have had the same issue with that model of invertor. Also if you have your cables near a transformer (such as the one in your guitar amp) that can induce noise. Does the bass sound go away when you unplug the chords from the amp? If it goes away, you know that the sound is being generated by something coming into the amp. If it does not go away, then the noise is being induced by the amp or the invertor.
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