Timothy Terror gets a hug from a kid in the crowd

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Timothy Terror

Timothy Terror is an award-winning, international, touring performance artist, who performs on stage, festivals, corporate functions, ships, schools and even street.

I got the above photo from a lady in my audience, and the following message, and permission to share it.

This amazing man has made my month tonight. His show was outstanding, but to top that he took time to stop and tell me not to worry when he could see I was nervous – my son has Down Syndrome, and I was worried in case he got a fright at the chainsaw noise and ran and gave the man a fright. He said to me my son will love it, I promise you, I know why you are nervous and he will be fine.

He then spoke to my wee boy at the end, asked him his favourite bit and he replied “you” and gave the man a big hug. I was holding back tears at this lovely man being so nice by this point and didn’t get to thank him properly. If anyone knows him please pass on my heartfelt thanks for his kindness!!

Sylvan Playing Flute


A small child comes by and listens to me for a while. Nothing special so far, it happens all the time… But then the mom comes running and goes “Oh, my God, oh my God…” and tells everyone around something along those line: “I have never, ever, seen him like that before”. Then when I pause she explains to me that the kid has ADHD, or maybe autistic, and that she has never seen him stand still for this long before, or pay any attention to any external activity at all before.

I don’t understand why it happens but it’s very touching. In one case there was this mom who had bought my CD after this happened, I think she lived in Alberta somewhere. Some years later she found a way to reach me by phone to tell me that her child was still listening religiously to my CD every night before going to bed and that it had changed his life. Needless to say, I was profoundly touched. I will remember these moments forever.

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