The Busking Project’s World Tour (pdf)

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“That book explained my life to me” — a street performer in Dublin, Ireland.


In 2011, The Busking Project travelled to 40 cities in 30 countries on 5 continents to film and interview street performers of all kinds. From slums and squats to the most high-profile busking hotspots on the planet, we filmed what we like to think is a cross-section of the world’s street performers.

This book is absolutely full of the magical insights we got into the lives of street performers, from the dusty slums on the hills above Lima to anarchists on the busses in Jakarta to the world’s largest buskerfest, this is a historical and beautiful snapshot of busking that year. Our 1,000-book first run sold out, but you can still get it here in pdf format.

Although we’ve heard a lot of nice things about the book, easily the best was from an Irish guitarist. I gave him a copy (he took part in an event I helped organise), and the next day he came back to me and said this:

“That book explained my life to me” – A busker in Dublin, Ireland

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