Social Media Audit (ULTIMATE)

£187.50 Incl. Tax


Social media audit

We will take the insights we’ve learned over that time to look at your online profile. We’ll check out your Facebook and Instagram profiles, your website, your CV and bio, your promo video(s) and opening emails, and help you through the process of making them pop for bookers worldwide.

The aim is to help you…

• Look more professional, reliable and talented
• Have a more coherent cross-platform brand
• And have a hierarchy of information clients need to see fast.

Put simply: you’ll be more likely to get booked in the future.


Three levels of auditing:

LIGHT (£70)
An analysis of your main platforms/pages, pointing out errors and suggesting improvements (buy this here)

A deep dive into multiple platforms/pages, with significant edits (buy this here)

A complete rewrite of your content. I will re-write your CV, the main pages on your website, emails and promo materials



Look at what others are saying:

“The feedback was exactly what I needed. This advice will help get me many more gigs in the future. Well worth the money spent!” – Jamey Mossengren, Unicyclist

“This is awesome. GREAT FREAKING IDEA! Nick brought up great questions about the needs of my target audience. He helped me clarify my goals for each sentence. He edited my show’s description to make it crystal clear what I am offering to the client. Where have you been all my life?” – Dawn Dreams, Human Statue and juggler

Why choose us?

You’ll receive perfectly-written copy by a trained copy editor who has also made hundreds of YouTube shorts garnering millions of views. The cost depends on exactly how many platforms you want us to look at, how deep a dive, and whether you want us to give you edits or entirely re-write your site.

We hire buskers for a living. That’s what we do. We’ve booked buskers for festivals, cruises, gigantic corporate events, weddings, birthday parties and for some of the largest brands on the planet (Toyota, Master Card, Telefonica to name a few). So we know what bookers are looking for.

Once you’ve paid, we’ll get back to you with a form to fill out (with all the details we need to start work), and we’ll go from there.


Additional information
Audit Intensity

(Light) A simple overview / analysis, (Thorough) A deep dive into your main platforms, (Ultimate) A complete rewrite of your content


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