Juggling Lady (Poster) (JPG / PDF)

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I met Gaspare Frazzitta thanks to a Gumtree ad I posted back in 2014. We were looking for someone to create busker-themed artwork to launch our then-tiny company, and I had no idea just how brilliant the result would be. We were so lucky he was just starting out as a freelancer in London.

Gaspare made the Lady and Gentleman illustrations for T-shirts, but since then we’ve put them on pretty much everything. Business cards, buttons, stickers…we’re totally in love with the pair. Beautifully layered, they’re best viewed printed out full size and viewed up close.

NOTE: When you buy this poster you’ll get both a JPG and PDF download, for printing and/or digital viewing. They are sold on an Attribution-NonCommercial license. You can print and display them, but not sell them, and we must be attributed if you display/share them online. Of course, we’d also appreciate a link to our shop 🙂

With background:

JPG: 4724 x 7677 px
PDF: 54.3 MB

Without background:

JPG: 4724 x 7677 px
PDF: 49.4 MB


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