Press Release Music Launch – October 2016

The press kit includes: press release, photo sets & logos (high & low res)


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Press Contacts

Nick Broad (co-founder) | + 447736925000

Liliana Maz (co-founder) |


Our impact on buskers’ lives:

The Sydney Morning Herald: “Their beat is back, but can buskers survive after COVID-19 killed cash?

[When] Kaisei Nakamura…began busking in Sydney two weeks ago, his streetwise colleagues urged him to go digital “Every busker I met said ‘you should make this [QR code]. Immediately’.”


Press About The Busking Project:

The Economist: “Busking in the digital age; Cops and rockers
Wall Street Journal: “Donate to a Street Musician? There Are Apps for That

Press About our App, BuSK (iOS/Android):

Evening Standard: “This new app lets you donate to buskers using a cashless online service
ITV News (video): “Could London’s Buskers be About to go High Tech?
London Live (video): “Buskers will Soon Accept Cashless Payments
Evening Standard (video): “An app that changes the way we interact with street performers
BBC World Service (audio): “An App to Pay Street Performers

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