The beginning of a Global Busking Documentary here is the TBP Promo from The Busking Project on Vimeo.

The day after the idea, Nick asked Chris whether he thought a round the world trip exploring busking was possible, and whether he’d like to come along. One day later Chris said yes to both. Soon they were joined by Belle, and the team began researching where to go. We came up with a list of the world’s best busking venues (about 160 cities), and then cut the list down to places where it was easily possible to travel to overland (80), then cut again to a continuous path.

Planning for a Global Busking Documentary

The result was 40 cities on 5 continents, on an intense schedule of spending 6 days in each city, enough time to scout, network and film in each location before moving on. They came up with a budget, worked out how much they needed to raise, did a Kickstarter campaign (see the video above), and then, On March 9th 2011, still completely underprepared, we set off.