The differences between our app and website

Unfortunately, our app and website don’t work exactly the same way. The guide below explains the differences, but we should make it clear, first:

1. Your information is the same on both the website and app – just like how Facebook shows the same information about you on their website and app.

2. However, the functionalities of the website and app have significant differences. So, you can do some things on the app that you can’t do on the website, and visa versa.

3. Your audience can find you through both the website AND the app – but for the app, they need to have it downloaded on their phones already.







In 2015, we developed an app (on Android and iPhone) that could show people where and when buskers were performing. It had a few awesome features, that weren’t possible on a website:



One-Click Payments

Once you’ve put your card details in to tip a busker through the app, the app would store your details so that the next time you tip a busker, you don’t have to put your card details in again. (Both the app and website work with Apple Pay, meaning card details aren’t necessary at all for iPhone users)



A Live Busking Map of the World

Using the app, buskers could click “I’m performing now”, and show up on a map for the next hour. This means that people nearby could open the map and see who’s performing near them, right now.





The simple truth is that it is much easier, faster and cheaper to develop for web than it is to develop for apps. This is just a technological fact. And we don’t have much money. So, that’s why the following features only work on web:


PayPal tips

About 1/5th of the street performers on our site connect their PayPal accounts in order to get tips. But, you cannot get tipped via PayPal through our app. The app is solely for card payments. (However, both the app and website work with Apple Pay, meaning card details aren’t necessary at all for iPhone users)



Music sales

The sale of music is, at the moment, limited to the website as well. If you want to sell your music to people’s phones, it has to be done through your profile URL.



Map of where buskers are registered

The app shows a “live busking map of the world” – where buskers are performing, right now. The map on our website shows where buskers are registered, to help them find out which buskers they can hire near them.



Ability to get hired for events

This is the most popular – and lucrative – of our features, and it’s only currently available through the website. Clients hire buskers by either going to our events page, or by hiring them directly through the buskers profile.



So what should you use, website or app?

Well, if you are a festival producer, and you want to work with us so that your street performers show up on a live map, then the app could be a great addition to your festival.

However, for the rest of us, the website is probably better. For this main reason:

A URL is simply faster.

When you’re busking, you won’t be able to get your audience to download an app to tip you. But you CAN get them to tip you via your URL. Just display a sign (e.g. TIP ME AT, and tell your audience about it. Simple.