UPDATE: We got a grant!

We just had confirmation that we’ve raised £15,000 through a grant made by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation, to get this project off the ground. That’s about half the funding we need, but it’s a great start! And we’re funding the rest here. Anyway…



Introducing The Busker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Buskers (people who perform in public spaces for voluntary donations) are facing an increase in anti-busking legislation and an audience that’s no longer carrying cash.

To help, we’re building a new section for our website – The Busker’s Guide to the Galaxy. You can think of it as a Wiki-style “edutainment” website (education + entertainment) full of user-generated information, but with extra features, like the ability to vote on the best busking equipment or collect signatures for an anti-license petition.

The Guide will help buskers defend their rights and earn in the street, while showing everyone else how important street performance is for our cities.

Every year, we’ll publish a print version of The Guide with all the best and latest information. Help us fund it here:


Activism, advocacy, legislation and lawyers

We have consulted with numerous buskers, lawyers and advocates to ensure The Guide will be as helpful as possible. So, buskers will be able to report when they’ve been arrested, find busker-friendly lawyers and check out local laws before turning up in a new town.

Advocacy organisations will be able to follow towns/countries, so they can see when new licenses or bylaws are being considered, and help out buskers who’ve gotten into trouble with the law. They’ll also be able to promote campaigns (like change.org petitions) and raise funds for legal challenges.

Next Step

We’re now crowd funding the rest of what we need. You know, grassroots donations for a grassroots website.

So please, help us out (and get wonderful rewards) here:




Draft Wireframes

Busker Museum

Reporting fines, arrests and harassment

The Busker Hall of Fame

People who shoot promo materials

Organisations who would be useful to buskers