Jennifer Jones defines herself as a “second line dancer who incorporates all the dance styles”. In reality this means she creates a whole new street dance style of her own.

source: The Advocate

Self confidence creates life opportunities

One of the harder challenges to an artist, whether you’re doing street dance or any kind of art, is to decide that what you do deserves to be seen – especially if what you do hasn’t been done by anybody else. So, how do you make that decision? How do you pass the insecurity of showing it to people?

Jennifer Jones answers this complicated question easily “going and taking it to the streets”.

Maybe her creative musical family has something to do with that confidence . Her father, the legendary musician Joe Jones, probably gave her the space to explore her ideas and be so certain of her calling.

But it was the instant audience on the streets of New Orleans that gave her proof that her instincts were right. her street dance style worked…it just worked; “the best critic is the critic on the street, they will tell you the truth” she says.

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Being spontaneous with her dance style, can make it seem like it’s not carefully planned, but in reality Jennifer Jones has a stage career and puts a lot of preparation in her street dance. Everybody know the streets are competitive. If you want to make money you have to be good.

“It takes a lot of preparation. It looks simple. It looks like you just showed up. but you have to know the commitment that goes into be a street performer can be utilised across your entire life. The lesson there is about self discipline, it’s about believing in yourself and keeping the spirit when people think you are crazy”.

street dance Jennifer Jones

In a world with fewer traditional opportunities, Jennifer Jones’s story tells all of us to create our own opportunities, to live our dreams and to have the life we imagine for ourselves, no matter what life that is.

“So bring the light, get your shine on everybody, GET YOUR SHINE ON”