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Full sleeve for the album That's Life


Dear friends,

Some of you may know that we’ve been creating compilation albums of street music. Every month, we’re putting 5 of our favourite buskers in the world onto a ten-track album, and sending it to our supporters.

After the success of album #1, I couldn’t wait to find performers for our second album. I even reached out to some of my favourite musicians who had “made it” in the music industry, and had some link to street performance – and one of the finest acoustic guitarists in the world, Jon Gomm, agreed to give us his most famous song; Passionflower.

To be honest, this whole process has been a rewarding adventure, contacting all the buskers we love and asking them to get involved. And everyone has been excited. It’s not about the money, it’s about the beauty of creating something special. And That’s Life epitomises this feeling. Also, this has to be the most concentrated musical talent on any of our albums….

All revenue generated from albums bought are shared 60% to the buskers and 40% to us. And this month, two performers have decided to donate their share to The Ukulele Kids Club:

So, here are the amazingly talented performers on That’s Life!

Zahra Lowzley

Track 1: That’s Life
Track 2: Before the Fall, After the Fallen

I’ve only ever seen Zahra smile once. She says there are only two photos in existence of her smiling. Due to having an extra chromosome (instead of XY or XX she has XXY!), she has various physical differences (for example, she’s well over 6 feet tall) that seems to give assholes what they believe is the excuse to hit her, spit on her and basically shout abuse at her nearly every day. And yet Zahra battles on, performing in the street, and amazing and inspiring good people in the process.

Zahra is – and this is no exaggeration – one of the best ukulele players in the UK. She also plays a series of instruments you’ve never heard of, including (and these names aren’t made up) the balalaika, oud, balouka, erhu, xiao, melodica, lap steel, dulcimer, xaphoon, irish whistle, spoons, mbira, djembe, bansuri, bouzouki and saz.

And finally, to add to this, Zahra is giving all the money she earns from a 30-year tour to charities. She’s going on an ascetic mission, a 1,000 mile bike tour, living on the streets, carrying just her ukulele and a message of unity and peace. Donate to her tour here.

Because of her strong philosophy (and beautiful voice), we decided to name the album after Zahra’s amazing song, That’s Life. It was Zahra that suggested that we donate some of the proceeds from this album to the Ukulele Kids Club.

Find more of Zahra’s music here!


Jon Gomm

Track 3: Passionflower

Jon Gomm (UK) is a “fiercely independent” artist who shot to fame after a video of him playing the acoustic guitar like no one else went viral. The song, Passionflower, introduced millions of people to his unique, powerful style. He’s amazing to watch and a joy to listen to. Check the video above – it’s the song on this album. Insanely good.

We met Jon Gomm when he came to Camden to support Keep Streets Live in their effort to prevent Camden Council from implementing their frankly crazy laws restricting buskers. A good man for showing his support!

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Jason Green

Track 4: 17 Slide
Track 5: Little Blue Cart Blues

Jason Green (USA) was one of the first people we ever filmed (see above). He agreed to do a small event I had created in a tiny little plaza in New York, and we’ve been a massive fan of his music and playing style ever since. Jason has played his quick-fingered, lively music at multiple blues and jazz festivals to crowds of 30,000 people. And on the street.

Jason’s band, Jason Green and the Labor of Love, regularly plays at some of New York’s top venues. Jason himself has been busking in New York City since 2004. He’s now a member of the prestigious Music Under New York (MUNY) program.

See our first interview with him here!


Ra’sheed and the Jazz Collective

Track 6: Prayer
Track 7: The House of Ra

Ra’sheed Richard Howard (USA) has produced some of the best music that I have ever heard. TOTAL musical crush. And like most busking experiences, Lily and I bumped into Ra’sheed totally at random in Washington Square Park, on Lily’s birthday, moments before a gigantic thousand-person pillow fight. I was already hugely enjoying the show (I immediately bought an album), when he pulled out a second trumpet and played it alongside the first, I fell in love.

Ra’sheed has been playing trumpet for over 39 years. Throughout his career, he has toured with many jazz greats, and brings together the best musicians to form the Jazz Collective, performing for local and international audiences in and around New York City.

Find more of Ra’sheed’s music here!


Tim Scanlan

Track 8: Last Pint
Track 9: Two Sisters

Talking of musical crushes, we learned about Tim Scanlan (Australia) at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, when another performer pointed me towards him, saying “I have a musical crush on that man”. 1 minute later, I completely understood why. He’s from the do-everything-one-man-band tradition, and takes the format to another level with a mix of sometimes incomprehensible singing and a total blend of styles.

Tim is a multi-instrumentalist one-man band who sings and plays an entrancing mix of Blues, Jazz, Folk, Celtic, Roots Music and Reggae.


Jon Gomm supporting The Ukulele Kids Club

The Ukulele Kids Club

Zahra Lowzley and Jon Gomm have decided to donate 1/4 of the proceeds of That’s Life to the Ukulele Kids Club. Ukulele Kids Club UK donates ukuleles to hospitalised children in the United Kingdom. Find out more at

Working with the music therapists, play specialists and teachers at children’s hospitals around the nation, kids will be given ukuleles to play, they will learn during their music therapy and play sessions, then keep the ukuleles to enjoy as a gift of “Music for Life”.