‘Street Music Map Vol.1 – Live at O.bra Festival’ is the first album to feature live performances of street bands from Brazil in the same record. The Volume 1 includes nine bands from the streets of Sao Paulo, a melting pot of sounds right from the streets of the most populous city in the Americas: the Brazilian music highlights the big band O Grande Grupo Viajante, the Mississippi Blues runs into the vibrations of The Lonesome Duo, Emblues Beer Band, Pedro Pastoriz, and meet the latin percussions of Gran Tormenta. Jazz is represented by Chaiss na Mala and Kick Bucket, the instrumental psychedelic rock is brought by Amoradia do Som and Lucia Zorzi gives us the folk with her ‘chanson française’.The bands were selected by Daniel Bacchieri, founder and curator of StreetMusicMap, the collab world map of street musicians. The album, co-produced by Loop Discos, was recorded live at Largo do Arouche, Sao Paulo, Brazil, during the O.bra Festival, the international street art festival created by Instagrafite.The StreetMusicMap project came to life to resonate with the music lineup that is made every day in the streets around the globe. The StreetMusicMap Instagram collab channel already has more than 1.000 artists documented on videos in 82 countries, all filmed by more than 700 collaborators  and the  numbers are expanding daily.

You can find the  StreetMusicMap playlist on Spotify, or youtube!

Here’s the short version to the press release:

Find more information on their networks
Instagram: www.instagram.com/streetmusicmap
Email: video@streetmusicmap.com
Site: www.streetmusicmap.com
Google Maps: https://goo.gl/cJfQ6A
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/streetmusicmap/
Phone: +55 11 9 5557 9129 (Daniel Bacchieri)
Street Music Map - cover_art_by_Teodoro_Marques