There were many serendipitous encounters on The Busking Project, but none so chance as this.

One day at a cafe, Nick was asking a guy, “So how do we find buskers in Montevideo?” At that moment, a clown walked through the door and started speaking to the owner immediately! And what a clown. Pildorita Enrique is transit clown who tells jokes and stories on the buses of Montevideo. He is a bit of a local legend, and you can see why.

We were very lucky to meet Pildorita, and get a chance to experience his work. Unfortunately, the audio wasn’t great when we shot him (we’d recently lost our collar mic), so we’ve not put much in this video, but you don’t need it – his movements and mannerisms are enough to show you how good he is.

Like all great clowns, he’s funny in any language.