60 pianos

I LOVE NPR. Now that should be the most popular T-shirt in America. They’ve just done a lovely piece about the 60 pianos in New York, “Play me I’m Yours” project put up by British artist Luke Jerram. So, after listening to the following segment, I think you should go to their website, www.npr.org, and donate your left lung (or whatever you can afford). They deserve it!


The project ends on July 5th (MONDAY!), so you’ve got about three days to get out there and be a street performer for a day. I’m going outside today to give it a go, probably around Times Square, when I’ve finished up with updating the site. I’ll try to get a friend to film me playing. Ah, to be famous!!!

Wish me luck 🙂

Here’s just one of the million videos out there on youtube about the project:


Feature photo taken from : https://kindnessblog.com/2014/08/04/play-me-im-yours/