Seasoned busker and indie-pop rockstar, Charlotte Campbell talks about her album, musical path and experience performing on London’s Southbank.


Charlotte Campbell performing on London's Southbank Charlotte Campbell performing on London’s Southbank


Davi: Charlotte, you’ve been writing and performing for more than 10 years; how did you start?

Charlotte: I started singing with my grandparents in the car when I was a child and then started performing my own songs in school competitions.

D: Have you been playing guitar for the same period of time? Why did decided to learn how to play the guitar?

C: I was singing a long time before learning guitar. I actually only learned it so that I could accompany myself singing and not need backing track or accompaniment.

D: What was it like performing on the Southbank for the first time?

C: Very nerve wracking! I didn’t know the rules really, that’s because there weren’t any then!

D: How did you feel the first time you busked?

C: Scared mostly but very surprised by people’s kindness.

D: What is one of your best memories of busking?

C: I have so many lovely memories that often involve toddlers trying to dance!

“I’ve always loved performing and I don’t really need more motivation than that!”

D: How long do you see yourself busking? What are your goals?

C: I have no time limit on busking but I’d like to get a bit more exposure and build a fan-base around the world so I can go on tour!

D: Where are the places you’d like to visit on a tour?

C: Germany, America, Japan. Germany because I love how much they appreciate music. America because that’s where dreams come from, and Japan because I bet that would be cool!

D: What motivates you to continue performing?

C: I don’t really know the answer to that! I’ve always loved performing and I don’t really need more motivation than that!

D: What is your favorite song to cover?

C: I cover so many songs that it changes day to day! I get bored of songs quickly as I’m playing them 5/6 times a day!

D: Are there any songs you never get tired of performing? Or songs that maybe, even if you get tired of performing them, you still like to perform because the crowd is always excited?

C: Let It Go from Frozen, I’m tired of it, the parents are tired of it, Elsa’s probably tired of it by now. But I always end up playing it when I see a little girl in a Frozen t-shirt, and it’s always such a hit with the kids!

D: What inspired you to start a blog about busking?

C: I had a lot of thoughts and people seemed to have a lot of questions! I thought about video-blogging them but I have an English degree that I didn’t want to go to waste, so blogging seemed like a pretty good idea!

D: If a penguin in a sombrero showed up at your next performance, how would he introduce himself and what song do you think he would request?

C: Probably “Wonderwall”. All anyone ever wants in life is “Wonderwall”. Even a penguin in a sombrero!