Don Witter Jr. was one of my first loves in the Manhattan Subways. I was feeling a bit shitty coming home from school, and there he was, chilling out with his classical guitar, seemingly unaware of the trains, trash and grime around him. For about five minutes I watched, until I realised I had no change on me, told him a quick “thank you!” and left, embarrassed. The following interview was filmed for Playing for Pocket Change by Mark Cersosimo and Michael A. Capasso

Playing For Pocket Change: Episode 7
Don Witter Jr. –

Created by Mark Cersosimo and Michael A. Capasso

Playing For Pocket Change is a series featuring musicians playing on the streets and in the subways of New York City. Often overlooked and ignored, we find out exactly who these people are and what makes them want perform in what is arguably the world’s strangest venue.

Episode 1: Erich Woodrum and Francois Nnang
Episode 2: Johnny Sheppard
Episode 3: Angel Marin
Episode 4: Natalia “Saw Lady” Paruz
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Episode 7: Don Witter JR.
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