It’s Busker Festival Season!

The best performers in the world are on tour this August. Some have hundreds of performers and hundreds of thousands of people in the audience, as some of the largest and most popular outdoor festivals on the planet. We’ve brought you some of the best performers at them and the busker festival schedule this month. So join the festivals, wear your best smile and be ready for loads of entertainment.



Pogo Fred at Port Credit Busker Festival

He holds multiple Guinness World Records for his extreme pogo stunts. He is regarded as one of the best jumpers in the world. Pogo Fred delights audiences with backflips, front flips, spinny jumps, limb-free jumps and I’m really not doing its awesomeness justice by listing them. In fact, all the tricks have proper technical names, just like skateboarding and Kama Sutra, so if you want to learn them all, either listen to the weekly web series Fred co-hosts (called “The Pogo Kings”), or better yet, go watch Fred’s stunning show.  You can tip Fred here:

Busker Festival Pogo Fred

FlameOz at Toronto Busker Festival 

The UK’s premier fire act thrilling more than 1,000 audiences in over 40 countries. A high energy, multi-award winning, choreographed fire dance, pyrotechnic spectacular show and colourful walkabout acts that will leave you awe-stuck.  Check FlameOz’s profile here:


Busker Festival Flame Oz

Fire Guy at Waterloo Busker Festival 

For over 15 years he has performed in countries all over the world with his fire eating show, juggling, LED light performances,  fire breathing, skateboarding and more. Check Fire Guy’s profile here:


Busker Festival The fire guy

Chalkmaster Dave at Toronto Busker Festival 

He uses chalk. He is a master. He’s called Dave. Welcome to Dave’s sidewalk. If you want to take the best photo of your family at the festival, wander over to Dave’s supreme chalk drawings. Oh, and here’s a moment of zen: Chalky (as I’m sure he hates to be called, so probably best not call him that to his face) isn’t frustrated when his art is washed away by rain or feet; he loves that his work is temporary. He believes that the fact that it only lasts a few days is a good reminder to live in the present and appreciate the moment. And so should you. You can view his profile and tip Dave here:

Busker Festival Chalkmaster

And many more…


Infographic Busker Festival