The world is full of phenomenal street performers. We thought we’d gather them together onto compilation albums, so you can discover new, inspiring, independent music.

An album with benefits

To distribute our albums, we’re using Patreon, where you’ll get:
$1/month – Monthly email + karma points

$3/month – The above + access to our Patreon blogs + videos + photos + wallpapers

$5/month – The above + monthly album + ability to suggest musicians for future albums

$10/month – The above + we’ll follow you on your social networks + shout out on future albums + bonus photo package

$25/month – The above + copy of our iBook + become a lifelong premium account holder (when that feature goes live)

$50/month – The above + hardcopy of our book + bonus songs + added as “patron” to all our future videos + we’ll write about anything you like on our blog

$100/month – The above + added as a sponsor or major donor on our sponsor or donor page + personal Skype chat with our founders

$500/month – The above + listed as a major sponsor on our sponsor page + the team mascot will publicly wear/lick/chew on anything that features your brand



Supporting a great cause!

The money gets divided 60% to the buskers on the album, and 40% to us. So, aside from donating to some awesome musicians, you’re also supporting our project. We help busker advocates defend their rights when governments try to ban/license them, we create tools buskers can use to earn in a cashless society, and we’re a social enterprise (i.e. this isn’t done for our personal profit).

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