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What is at Stake?

The digital revolution is destroying the careers of street performers who are not yet set up to accept cashless payments. This risks putting an end to an artistic discipline that gave us magic, the blues, rock and roll, breakdance, puppetry, mime and much more.

Buskers are the unsung heroes of our cultural industries. And they are fighting against criminalisation, the privatisation of public spaces and the eroding of our freedoms, with few friends and many enemies.

So, help us protect, promote and encourage street performers with a monthly donation!

How far your donation will go

We have a ridiculously good ‘Return On Investment’ here. In April 2023, for example, for every £1 we spent on running this organisation, street performers earned £120 on our platform.

If you donate just £10 per month, you’d effectively be helping us to process transactions to buskers worth over £1,000.

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How we're different

Our service was made with buskers in mind, and with ethical concerns at our very core. We’re not just a tech company, we’re a community of street performers and their fans.


No investors means we can keep our site fair and open.


The only payments platform designed specifically for buskers


No profit motive means we don't buy, sell or track invasive data


The only QA payments platform that works worldwide.


We don't display ads or sneak in product placements


Our essential features are free to use for everybody, with no hidden costs.

Our Advocacy work

Your donation can help The Busking Project work towards a world where street performers are properly valued for their impact, where every city has good pitches for buskers to work, and where nobody’s embarrassed to call themselves a “busker”.

We help street performers to defend their rights in council meetings and in the public eye all over the world, promoting and funding campaigns, educating advocates and helping to organise movements.

We also do original research, working with academics all over the world to generate the data needed to prove that street performers are a benefit to society (something we cannot believe needs saying in the 21st Century, but there you go).





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