Some hat lines that really work have been used for a hundred years. They’re adapted and refined, passed down from busker to busker; “…just fold it up and drop it in the hat”, or “…take it out of your wallet and give me the rest”.

But cashless payments? Totally new. So what should you say? Here’s what we’ve learned so far:

You don’t say, “I take credit cards”. That’s just weird. They’ll think you’re making a joke. So, build up to it. Say something like:

“I know that some of you aren’t carrying cash. But, you also don’t want to feel left out when eeeeeeveryone else comes forward to show their appreciation…

I’m saving you a trip to the ATM. I’ve got a profile where you can leave a tip. It’s super easy, you just go to this URL (show your URL), and click donate. It’s a totally secure payment system that will take money from you, and give it to me, and it will make us both feel happy.

I’ll be super excited that I’ve figured out how to make a tip from people who don’t carry cash. And you can tell all of your friends that you got to tip a street performer via credit card! Soon, everyone will be doing it – and you were here first!”


“You get to tell all your friends that you just tipped a street performer with your bank card! Do it now, while it’s still novel!”

“Go here and donate”

“Secure card payments! Just make a tip, then give me your pin, home address, social security number and passport! (Just make the tip first).”

Already tried it? What worked for you? Help future generations of street performer by letting us know the method’s you’ve used to get cashless payments, whichever method you’ve used.