Busking Case

Did you know if you write “curiosity has its rewards” on your case, many people will try to look inside the case? I didn’t think of that when creating this slogan for my buskers kit…

Curiosity is what allows us buskers to keep working, as it makes people stop and pay attention to our work. “How do they do that?” is the most common question asked of buskers around the world.

Most of the magic can be found in a small box like this.  So, if I show you my buskers kit will you show me yours? Share your busking kit photo with us, I am curious what you’re hauling around!

What's in your case?

Here is a small taste of a buskers kit. It’s a look inside what makes this simple show work. Each busker has a unique kit, since every show is, in theory, different. Musicians, circle shows and atmosphere buskers are truly different beasts. Yet, I still feel this peak into my case can satisfy some curiosity.

What’s in my buskers case?:

  • The case – originally samsonite vintage luggage, painted gold, with lettering
  • Amp – Stuffed and things. I usually only carry the one piece, unless it’s a loud festival
  • Bag for the amp – it doesn’t fit in the case
  • Cords – seriously, don’t forget these, they are important
  • MP3 player – preferably charged and ready
  • Trolley – This is necessary because carrying a heavy case can cause back problems
  • Bungy cord – to attach to the trolly
  • Costume – A dress, shoes, wig
  • Props, in this case, balls – because you need something to impress people with
  • Water bottle – water is the essence of life, seriously necessary
  • Phone – gold for good measure
  • Business cards – people will want to contact you
  • Makeup & hair pins – liquid in a plastic bag in case of spillage
  • Makeup removers – because you want to take it off before you get on a bus
  • Signage – if people take photos then they can still find you
  • Tip box / hat – make that money!
  • Sack to put money – so it’s not just all over your case
  • Rope – so people know where they stand
  • Food – seriously, you don’t want to be hangry on the pitch

Send photos of what’s in your case and tag them with #ShowMeYourCase!