We’ve just become a “Community Interest Company”, meaning we’re now officially a “social enterprise”. To celebrate, we’ve developed a membership program that has benefits for paying members, but it also puts members in control of the conversation. Buskers can now vote on what features we develop, where we spend our time and money, and even elect buskers to our board of directors.

Membership is $5 USD a month. That’s about the price of one coffee a week. We’re hoping that the benefits we give buskers will make it easily worth the money:

  • Increased visibility and trust with clients – just one gig a year would easily make it worth the price
  • A personalised URL and a custom-designed sign – hopefully leading to more cashless payments in the street
  • And you’ll get control over the company – you decide what we do next.

You can read about each detail in more detail below. But, it’s a big step for us. What do you think? Is it enough?




More Visibility

You’ll appear higher up in searches on the website, and have our member icon added to your profile to make it stand out more. This will lead to more views on our site, where hundreds of people come every week to find and hire street performers. Hopefully this will lead to you being hired for more events.




More Benefits

Get your own URL (e.g. busk.co/nick). Also, for those of you who purchase an annual membership, you can (digitally) sit down with our designer, who will create a custom, personalised sign with you, to display in the street, to your specifications.



Extra Goodies to Enjoy at Home

Members will also get a discount code in our online store, and a lovely welcome package including photos and music of buskers all over the world, plus a high-res version of our beautifully-designed book on busking worldwide.