From friend of The Busking Project and long-time street performer Al Millar:

“I’m looking forward to retiring one day, but I don’t want my techniques to retire with me.

So, I’m producing a free training video with the principals that helped me make solid cash on the streets, even in places that no one else would go.

In this training video, I’ll give you the street proven techniques that anyone with the willingness to build a successful street performing show, can use to replicate my results, including:

  •  How to properly structure a street show so that it holds an audience.
  •  Proven steps to increase your earnings per show.
  •  How to write and deliver a tip speech that works every time.
  •  How to get paid to street perform and get your show booked at the world’s biggest festivals.

So, if you are looking to improve your street performing show OR improve your income from your street show.

You can sign up to get notified about the videos I make and my weekly Zoom meetings (where you can ask me questions about your street show) here:

Thanks, and see you there!

Al Millar”