What’s the offer?

I will use my experience to do a complete review of your online profile, from the point of view of a festival/event producer.

What will I do?

To help you get hired by event producers, I’ll examine your writing, branding, platform coherence, succinctness and tone. I’ll show you how easy is it to find and understand your information, and where I think you could improve.

This will include a review your CV/Resumé/Bio/EPK; your initial approach emails to clients; your social media pages (FB, YouTube etc); your profile on busk.co; and your promo photos and videos.

“The point of view of a festival/event producer”?

Yes. When hiring for events, I couldn’t care less how many followers you have on Twitter, nor whether your website has clever flash animations (actually, those are more likely to just annoy me). And I definitely I don’t want to have to click around a lot to find your promo video(s).

But perhaps the most important question is; do you come across as “professional and reliable” or “flaky and half-arsed?”

Examples of my work

You’ll get screenshots, comments, questions, error corrections and general overviews of all the pages/sites/media you want me to review, both in pdf and word format. What you get will look something like this:

How does this translate into real-world value?

After hiring buskers for hundreds of events, I now know what I love (and what I absolutely hate) when receiving performer applications. Unfortunately, there are loads of street performers with difficult to navigate, difficult to find content, which makes me far less likely to hire them.

This is especially true if I’m booking you for a corporate event with thousands of pounds on the line; I’ll be feeling the pressure to make a great choice, and although you might have an amazing show, if I can’t quickly find your relevant content/info, and if you’ve done a bad job presenting yourself, I’m going to hire someone else.

Why choose me to review your stuff?

• I was an amateur copy-editor for 2 years
• My previous jobs have been in journalism and social media.
• And I have hired street performers for events for over five years.

What are other people saying?

Jamey Mossengren:

Nick’s feedback on my promo material was exactly what I needed to make sure my website and EPK would work as well as they can. I’m confident that his advice will help get me many more gigs in the future. Some of his suggestions were minor things that I totally overlooked and some were major things that I look forward to improving. Well worth the money spent. Thanks Nick!

Dawn Dreams:

Nick brought up great questions about my word usage and the needs of my target audience. He helped me clarify my goals for each sentence, why I am saying it, and define the outcome of that sentence. He edited my show’s description so it was clear what I am offering to the client.

He also called me out for any (bullshit) corporate speak, start-up lingo and when my writing was too passive or not self-promoting enough.

Basically this is awesome, where have you been all my life. GREAT FREAKING IDEA!

How much will it cost?

That will depend on how much you want me to review and what kind of feedback you want. Obviously editing/writing entire EPKs and doing deep dives into complex websites will cost more.

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