What’s the offer?

I will use my extensive experience hiring street performers to make your online profile — Facebook, Instagram, website, CV, bio, promo video(s) and emails — better for festival and event producers.

I will:

  • make sure you look professional, reliable and talented
  • examine your writing, media, branding, platform coherence, succinctness and tone
  • order your information to make it easy to find
  • get back to you with perfectly-written copy

How qualified am I?

  • I’ve hired street performers for literally hundreds of events over the last decade, including festivals, weddings, corporate events, cruise ships and so on
  • I trained as a copy editor for 2 years, and did a writing degree (who knew that could be useful?!)
  • I’ve made hundreds of youtube clips of street shows (several with millions of views)
  • And I’ve been building websites—including this one—for 14 years (as of writing).

How does this translate into real-world value?

My company (The Busking Project CIC) is way more likely to book performers with the best online profiles. It’s that simple. This is especially true if I’m booking you for a corporate event with thousands of dollars on the line.  You might have an amazing show, but if I can’t convince the client that you’re a good choice, you’re not getting the job. And the best gigs are worth thousands.

How much will it cost?

That’ll depend on how much you want done. But somewhere between $100 and $350:

  • $100: a simple overview of your main platform(s) and web pages
  • $350: a deep dive of all your social media accounts, web pages, promo video(s), emails to event bookers, CV/bio etc.

Where do we go from here?

Fill in the form below. At the bottom of the page I’ve put examples of my work, and read what other performers have said.



Jamey Mossengren:

Nick’s feedback on my promo material was exactly what I needed to make sure my website and EPK would work as well as they can. I’m confident that his advice will help get me many more gigs in the future. Some of his suggestions were minor things that I totally overlooked and some were major things that I look forward to improving. Well worth the money spent. Thanks Nick!

Dawn Dreams:

This is awesome. Where have you been all my life. GREAT FREAKING IDEA! Nick brought up great questions about my language and the needs of my target audience. He helped me clarify my goals for each sentence, why I am saying it, and define the outcome of that sentence. He edited my show’s description so it was clear what I am offering to the client. He also called me out for any (bullshit) corporate speak, start-up lingo or when my writing was too passive or not self-promoting enough.

Examples of my work