Dear new “Pro Account” holder,

Thank you so, so much for joining up. You might not know it, but The Busking Project has been essentially a labour of love for years, so any show of appreciation by street performers is massively rewarding. The donations we get, the friendly emails, and now our “Pro” users… it all keeps us going.

Anyway, now what?


You can now sign in and access the festivals page, which has all of the festivals you can currently apply to. These festivals are all over the world, for all kinds of performers, some huge, some small, some exclusively for buskers, others more for musicians, others for “street theatre”, and so on.

You’ll receive an email notification on the first of every month. This will be a friendly little ‘nudge’ to apply to more festivals, meaning you hopefully will never again forget to put your applications out there. We have plans to make the application part much easier, but that’s only if these pro accounts are popular enough!



The Unique IDs we’ve used so far have worked great – “” fits perfectly on a sign. But, it’s hardly YOU. So, pro-account holders now have the ability to create personalised URLs (e.g. “”)



As you can see from the photo above, there are 342 musician street performers in London, the city where we have the most number of paying events. The profiles are sorted by the number of points it has, as determined by our algorithm. Becoming a member has just given you 300 points, so already you will be appearing higher up in search results!



You’ll also get a gift: street music we’ve recorded, a book we wrote about the world of busking, beautiful high-res photos, info on busking licenses around the world, and hugs (thank you so much for supporting all the work we do)!



That’s it! And as always, you can email me if you have questions (although it’s probably best to come find me on Slack!)