Are you looking to update your performance skills? Have you been wondering what makes a show world class?

A new company founded by Julian Bell aka Ernest the Magnifico that is looking to coach new street performers into world class performance artists. This company has some of the best street performing talent involved including Ruben dot dot, Fraser Hooper, Kate Mior, David Cassel, Oli Pinchback and more!

The Show Salon asks: Is your act reaching it’s full potential?

The Show Salon is designed to help YOU on the journey of creating a great act. It’s for all types of buskers. Performance coaching can help you: Become a better performer. Learn better stage craft. Find out how to sell your act.

Our team of talented professionals can help you with all aspects of polishing your act. From web-design to costume-design and much much more.

Give your show a makeover!

For more info check out our website: or email:

Special opening price

To celebrate the launch of The Show Salon we are offering online coaching from now until Christmas for just $50 US per hour! Email: