Among all the difficulties that street musicians face, the music distribution “issue” has always been at the top of our list for issues we wanted to fix.

The internet was missing what we thought was a fair service, where buskers could distribute their albums digitally and on the streets, in return for donations. None of this streaming-for-free stuff.

We kept putting it back because of all the technical difficulties involved. But, in October 2016, after a huge amount of work, it’s finally launched: our mini-revolution for the music industry.

Why this is a mini-revolution

We take a lower rate than most (only 10%) with no upfront fees or annual subscription rate, and people can also use your profiles to become a fan, tip you with cashless payments and even hire you for gigs, straight from your profile.

No other music service provides all of the above.

Oh yeah – and we’re a social enterprise that does advocacy work on behalf or street performers. So, selling music through us is not just cheaper for you, it’s also supporting a good cause.


How does it work?

You can now upload music, sell it in the street for a minimum donation of your choosing, and your audience (who may not have CD players) can actually buy it and download it straight to their phones. So now you can still sell your music “in the moment”. No streaming. No sign up needed. With payment happening right there in the street.

Simply log onto your profile and follow these simple steps:

1. Click on “settings“, then “donations” in the left sidebar.

2. Add bank details by clicking “connect to Stripe”.

3. Then click “Music” in the sidebar, and “create an album”.

4. Follow the steps, set a minimum tip, then click “create album”.

5. Click on “select files to upload”.

6. Click on “upload songs”, and wait while your files upload.

7. Once done, click “save and exit”, and then on “publish” the album.

Three reasons to try it now:

1.No upfront costs to you 

2. Low commission (10%, and we pay the bank fees)

3. No money going to corporate b&$ards