To get tipped in the street, you need to display a sign, showing people where to go. To get a sign, you can go to and buy one, or and download one.

You can also design your own sign. Here’s how to do that:



Step 1: Find and create your URLs

You have several URLs associated with your profile. Of course, there’s your profile URL (for example, mine is “”), which you should share if you’re just trying to let people know who you are.

But if you’re looking to get tipped, there are two other URLs you should use:

Your “tip” URL. This is what you should display on a sign, which gives people the ability to write in your URL into their phone browsers to tip you:

There’s also your “QR” URL, which is the URL you should use when creating a QR code to display on a sign:

Here’s how to go to your profile on desktop and Mobile:

And here’s how to make your QR code URL (e.g.



How to create a QR code

If you want just a simple QR code, you can go to to download one there. But if you want one that’s prettier, try going to QR code Monkey. There, you can input your URL (e.g., choose a colour for the QR code, add a personal logo and even change the basic design.

Here’s a video showing you how:


The resulting QR code will look something like this:

Step 3: Add your QR code to a sign!

The final step is to combine all the features above (URL, payment icons, QR code) onto a sign. Here’s an example of what a sign might look like (and what we would make for you if you bought one from our store):

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