Going somewhere?

One of the beautiful things about street performance is that it enables artists to travel the world, thereby sharing their art with new audiences, and giving local populations an ever-changing array of cultural offerings to enjoy.

However, that ability is seriously hampered by the nature of cashless payments. Most payment services don’t work abroad, especially not when you’ve changed continents.

Thankfully for you, busk.co is the perfect travel companion, opening up card payments, Apple Pay, Google Pay and PayPal, wherever those services work. In other words, you can travel to over a hundred countries, all over the world, and bring your busk.co sign with you.



Countries and Currencies

Our system works in the following currencies:

  • $ US, Canadian, Australian, New Zealand, Singaporean and Hong Kong dollars
  • Euros
  • Pound Sterling
  • Kr. Swedish, Norwegian and Danish Kroner
  • ¥ Japanese Yen
  • Fr. Swiss Francs
  • Polish Zloty
  • RM Malaysian Ringgits.

If you have a bank account in one of those currencies, you can sign up on busk.co to receive tips. However, you can get tipped in over a hundred currencies. In other words, these signs work almost everywhere in the world.



Changing the currency on your profile

If you’re travelling to a country with a different currency than your own, you might want to change the currency when people tip you. That way, your audience won’t be surprised or confused when the page loads.

  1. Go to busk.co/settings/tips
  2. Change the currency and value
  3. Then go to your profile and click the “tip me” button to see if it worked.




General advice for busking abroad

Do your research before travel. Make sure you can see some evidence online that you can busk in the new location without a license. Googling “busking license [CITY NAME]” is a good start.

You can also generally see how popular busking ecosystems are by their presence on YouTube, Google Images, Facebook groups etc. See if you can find photos and videos of people doing a similar show to yours in the locations you’re planning on visiting.

Depending on where you’re from or where you’ve going to, busking abroad can be tricky just getting passed airport security, that may reject your entrance if they suspect you’re going to be busking without a work permit.

If you do make it through security, speak to local buskers about when/where to busk. There’s no better source of info than the locals themselves. Also, they’ll inform you about any local etiquette, so you don’t mess up.