Dear Buskers,
As of writing this, we’re currently hiring several buskers a day, all over the world. These events include things as small as being in the right place to help someone with a marriage proposal, to multi-thousand dollar corporate gigs.



How Can I Get Hired?

Although we can’t promise that you’ll get gigs through us, it’s easy to give yourself a good chance of getting hired. Put simply; you just need to make a good profile, and the clients will do the rest!

First, go here, add some photos/videos and write a bio.

Then go here, to write an “events bio” (if your public bio is different from the bio you’d want clients to see)

And that’s it. If you have the photos/videos already handy, this should take you no more than 5 minutes.




Why will that work?

For many reasons. First, because only half the people who sign up here have taken the time to make a great profile. If you take time on your profile, you’ll stand out among the rest.

Second, because there aren’t that many buskers signed up on our website in any one city (we’re averaging 2.6 buskers per city).

Third, because the algorithm on our site rewards profiles that are the most fully-filled in. So, buskers who’ve taken the time to present a good profile will be seen more often.

You don’t have much competition, and creating a good profile will get you views.




How does it work?

Clients either fill in a form that posts the details to our events page, or they search our site for buskers to email directly.

If they fill in the form:

1. Camila, our on-staff “busker hunter”, will find the best street performers who fit the event description

2. Buskers themselves can apply for the event by going to

3. The client will choose their favourite, and we then put them in touch directly with the performer.



Why should I care?

a) Because the average event fee is pretty good*

*This is how much our clients spend on each show in their various countries. Keep in mind, the Euros figure is based on all the events we get on average in European countries.

*184 GBP looks low, but that’s about $250 USD).

b) Because buskers are getting repeat clients

See testimonials here.

c) Because some of the gigs are huge.

We’ve flown buskers to festivals, gotten them major clients, introduced them to huge agencies and gotten them single-day events that pay over $1,000.

In BOTH cases, it’s really important that you make a good profile that truly shows off your talents. Otherwise, how will we (or the client) know that you’re the right person for the job?




Athletics Championship

5/20/2017  – Many thanks for your time and for all the fantastic help. What a sublime service you offer, our event is equally a 100% volunteer powered initiative and maybe this is the future!

Performer for Hotel bar

6/1/2017  – “Dear Camila, Greetings from Stamford! Thank you very much for Ben – he is amazing! Thank you once again for your amazing support.”


Women’s Summer Fair and Flea Market

6/10/2017  – Thank you SO much, Camila! I really appreciate you and this service!


Canada Day Celebration

7/1/2017  – Thanks so much for all of your help! Really appreciate you loking out for us, you guys are amazing.


Birthday Party

8/5/2017  – “Thanks Camila. Appreciate your help. Also your service is excellent as you provide a quick response.”



8/24/2017  – “They were wonderful! Everyone loved them and they are really very nice people. I, especially, wanted to hear more. Unfortunately, we had to stick to the time line. Thank you for all you’ve done!! I’ll get in touch with you for the next wedding!”