Festivals are some of the most fun and highest-earning events on a professional street performer’s calendar.

To help you get ready for next year’s line up, we have two fantastic offers to help you find festivals, get accepted and do a great money-making show.

1. Find more festivals to apply to, with our monthly email of open calls of festivals. Sign up here: busk.co/pro.

2. Improve your applications. Beat the competition by making your application stand out, with our promo material review.


There are buskerfests, theatre festivals, parades and fairs that accept street performers all over the world. We’ve researched hundreds of of them, to get all the info you need to apply.

Every month, our “pro account” members get access to an easily-scrollable list of festivals that have their applications open. Never again forget to apply to a festival on time! We also send an email letting you know which festivals have been added to the list this month.

Here’s what the list looks like:


Why pay $5/month for a pro account?

Aside from this festival email, pro accounts include a ton of other features:

• Extra visibility to potential clients on busk.co
• A custom URL (e.g. “busk.co/nick”)
• 5 album uploads (instead of 3)
• And have a vote on what we do

Sign up here: busk.co/pro





Almost every festival gets hundreds of applications, so it’s tough to stand out. But, I can give you a complete audit of your promo materials to give you the best chance to impress.

I will analyse your work from the point of view of a potential buyer of your show, looking through your stuff for the first time. I will read everything, make notes, correct it, put in comments, then offer suggestions about what you are publishing.

By the end of this process, you’ll have a detailed summary of the best and worst parts of your promo materials (your social networks, promo videos/photos, Bio/CV, website and even the approach email you send to festivals) and an overall summary.

Why you’d want to hire me:
• I was an amateur copy-editor for over 2 years
• I’ve worked a journalist and social media manager.
• And I’ve hired hundreds of buskers for events since 2013. I know what I like (and hate) to receive in applications!

Read more (and hire me) here