Dear all,

For the first time in The Busking Project history, we have partnered with an external company, DipJar, who make a machine that helps you get quick card swipes from your audience. And it’s a proven method of buskers getting tipped.

Just click this link to buy yours today (and we’ll get a commission on the sale).


dipjar branded with the busk logo




How does DipJar work?

You set the machine to take a specific amount (e.g. between $1 and $1,000). When people come to tip, they just dip their card. The machine connects via a cellular connection, and sends encrypted card data to be processed. There’s a little noise to show that the transaction has worked. The money is deposited into your DipJar account, minus fees. You can choose to receive money into your bank account either weekly or monthly.

Does it work for buskers?

Emphatically YES! (in the USA). It works, and it works well:



Here’s the kicker – Chadd (see the video below) also thinks that his average CASH tip increases when he uses DipJar, as people get the idea that he’s setting the bar at $10. Here it is in action:


How much does a DipJar cost?

The initial cost is $399.

On the face of it, that might seem like a lot of money. Remember, though, that this isn’t replacing your cash tips, it’s adding to them, and if it works for you, you could make that money back within a month.

What are the fees?

DipJar takes 6% + 17¢ per transaction.

So, let’s say you set the DipJar to take $10 tips. The total fees work out to 6% ($0.60) + $0.17 = $0.77. Which means from the $10, you take home $9.23.

There is also a $99/year subscription fee, after the first year (the first year has a free subscription). Why? Because the machines work via a cellular service, just like your mobile phone. That $99 fee covers the cost of providing cellular service, plus your reports/support/dashboard.

Okay, sum it up for me; will I make my money back?

As you can see above, Chadd made $670 in tips in August alone. But, let’s say you only make $300 in tips per month (that’s 1 x $10 dip per day). You’ll lose $0.77 in fees on each of those tips, meaning by the end of the 1st year:

You’ve paid $360 to buy the DipJar
You’ve earned $9.23 x 30 x 12 = $3,322.8 in tips

So yes, if you get just one tip per day with this machine, you’ll make over 9 times as much as you spend. And you could make a lot more!

For every subsequent year, your subscription will be just $99, meaning if you earn $300/month from the DipJar you’ll make over 30 times as much as you spend, year on year.

Like what you’ve heard?


How is The Busking Project making money from this?

Buying a dipjar with the links on this page earns us an 8% commission. Meaning we make $32 on each sale.

But, we haven’t just partnered with them to earn. This really is good for you. Before we ever thought of a partnership, we wrote this blog post comparing a whole bunch of cashless payment systems, and the DipJar came out on top.

And finally, here’s a video of how easy it is to use: