How is my “default currency” decided?

Your default currency is whatever currency your bank account is in. So, if you add a Canadian bank account, you’ll get tips (by default) in Canadian Dollars.

What does “default” mean?

When somebody clicks on a URL or scans a QR code to tip you, they will be offered the ability to tip you in your default currency. Charlotte’s bank account is in the UK, so her default currency is GBP:

If Charlotte travels to, say, France, she could change her default currency to Euros, and the initial currency that shows on that page would be Euros. However, tippers would still be able to tip you in whatever currency they choose, by clicking the currency selector.

Changing Your Default Currency

When you travel to perform in other countries, you probably want to get tipped in the local currency. So, you can now change the default tip currency by going to

This site is used by thousands of buskers in 120 countries, and buskers travel the whole time, so we’ve implemented a currency picker which should help you when you’re on the move. So, now when performing at the Edinburgh Fringe you can accept GBP, wherever you’re from.

Things to note

  1. Getting tipped in foreign currencies may affect the fee you pay — international transfers are charged more than local ones. See more about fees for tips and album sales here.
  2. Tippers can manually change what currency they tip you in
  3. You can still only accept the currencies listed below.
  4. Currencies have different minimum and default tip amounts, depending on the strength of that currency (i.e. the minimums are 100 JPY and 1 USD)

Currencies and default minimum tips.

Currencies you can choose, and what the default tip and minimum tip amount is in each currency.

Australian Dollars (AUD) – 5 default, 1 minimum
British Pounds (GBP) – 5 default, 1 minimum
Canadian Dollars CAD) – 5 default, 1 minimum
Danish Krona (DKK) – 20 default, 4 minimum
Euros (EUR) – 5 default, 1 minimum
Hong Kong Dollars (HKD) – 20 default, 4 minimum
Japanese Yen (JPY) – 500 default, 100 minimum
Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) – 5 default, 1 minimum
New Zealand Dollars (NZD) – 5 default, 1 minimum
Norwegian Krona (NOK) – 20 default, 4 minimum
Polish Zloty (PLN) – 5 default, 1 minimum
Swiss Franks (CHF) – 5 default, 1 minimum
Singaporean Dollars (SGD) – 5 default, 1 minimum
Swedish Krona (SEK) – 30 default, 6 minimum
US Dollars (USD) – 5 default, 1 minimum