Dear Festival organisers,

We would like to partner with you, in order to give your performers the chance to use our cashless payments system when they arrive to your festival.

We’re a not-for-profit whose motivation is to keep busking in business in the digital age. We have your performers’ interests at heart!

Circus act Witty Look from Japan

What is BuskPay?

BuskPay is the world’s only cashless payments system designed for street performers.

It’s also really simple: buskers display one of our signs in the street. When audience members scan the QR they are taken to a page where they can tip the performer.

The signs don’t bend in the wind, they don’t reflect sunlight (unlike laminated paper) and they look highly-professional.

But most importantly of all, it is the only payment option that works with internationally touring performers.

Musician John W Churton from Edinburgh

The Tipping Pages

Our platform enables fast, secure, anonymous payments where tippers can choose how much to pay, using Apple Pay, Google Pay and PayPal to tip.

They can also choose to stay in touch with the performer (but only after the tip has been made — we don’t want to distract from the tip itself).

Benefits for the performers

Scotland is not known for cashless payments adoption, and yet many of the hundred street performers using our signs at the Edinburgh Fringe reported a 30-50% increase in tips when using

Just listen to their words:

Joel, Melbourne — BuskPay is working just bloody great, averaging between 10%-40% of every show. This is huge: it was just money walking away otherwise.

Dmitri, London — The passive nature of the board appeals greatly as it requires no tech from me! Every time I take the board out it gets hit.

Jeff Bryant, Vancouver — BuskPay has opened up the world of digital donations for me. It is so well designed and easy to use. I am greatly appreciative!

Sam Chimes, Vancouver — BuskPay has been a game changer. It has made living as an entertainer more viable.

Damian Clarke, Dorchester — I started using my QR code last week and had 4 uses of it that day. This is the future.

Work required by festival

All you need to do is purchase the signs, then hand them out to your performers.

We will do the rest.

A truly international system

BuskPay is already being used by hundreds of street performers in countries all over the world, both in large, wealthy cities and in smaller towns.

Even in cities where cashless payments haven’t been widely adopted, buskers are using BuskPay because tourists are increasingly not carrying cash.

Fees and Costs

Profiles on and Stripe (which handle the payments) are free.

Tippers normally pay the transaction fees, so buskers take home an average of 99.75% of the tip. That’s  the best rate in the industry.

The only cost is the sign itself, which will depend on the size of your festival, how much it costs to ship to you and how many signs you want.

The signs will cost between £4.99 and £9.99 each.

(There is an additional fee of £2 for festival branding.)

Musician Henry Shanks from New Zealand

Next Steps

Get in touch with us at if you’re interested in purchasing signs or getting a quote.

Alternatively, if you agree to the price above, you can simply go here and purchase as many signs as you need:

Thank you!