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The Corona pandemic forced us all to make a full stop.

Like most people in the performing arts, the Show Salon team suddenly had calendars full of crossed out events and no specific working plans for the spring and summer. Our Street Theatre Masterclass was cancelled, our brand new Street Theatre Seminar was postponed to 2021. The pause button had been pushed.

Slightly at a loss, we had a big Skype chat about we could do to keep moving forwards and not get totally depressed by this ridiculous situation. That is where the idea for “Wisdom from the Pitch” was born. 

Marcus suggested we use our free time to create an app, something to cheer people up and help people with their shows at the same time. We asked a bunch of fantastic street performers to share their best tips and the wisdom they wish they’d had when they first started. I mean, it’s 2020; we need to help each other out now more than ever.

We were really happy with the response from the street theatre community and in the process of making the app we got in touch with street theatre friends from all over the world—or, as Gili from Duo Come Casa calls them “our summer friends”,, the people we see in festivals and on the streets around the world. In such a year this contact has been important for everyone. 

Now the results are in and we are very proud to present “Wisdom from the Pitch”. It’s a worldwide premiere! However this process is still not over and we are currently accepting submissions for V2.0 of the app.

Click on the “Your Wisdom” button in the app to share your best tip!


Julian Bell
Co-founder of The Show Salon