This is not about the racism of the nicknamed “Daily Heil”.

Instead, this is about an article they recently published, titled “Britain’s buskers will be the ‘first in the world’ to take contactless payments from the public as pocket change becomes a thing of the past”. The article is about how the London Mayor’s office has partnered with a cashless payments provider to give free card readers to London’s buskers.

I’m not linking to it, because they don’t deserve the publicity. However, I will post a couple of screenshots:

That’s all pretty-much straight from the Mayor’s press release. Then the article takes a bit of a strange twist, attributing this partnership to US, instead of Busk in London! Having my photo in that disgusting paper is embarrassing, even if it is a mistake. But even moreso, when you look at the comments on the article.

The comments are – as you would imagine from the readership of the most rightwing, heartless newspaper in the country – absolutely horrible. It doesn’t help that the current London Mayor is “Sadiq Khan”, the first muslim mayor of London. A bit of backstory, however; Busk in London was set up by his predecessor, Boris Johnson, Britain’s bumbling, idiotic foreign secretary, who pushed for Britain to leave the EU (and is a bit of a Daily Heil hero of sorts at the moment). Anyway, here’s what they have to say about buskers. Take a look at the green arrows – this is how many people “liked” these comments. Stunning.