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Shane Conerty

My name is Shane Conerty, I grew up in Pittsburgh, I moved out here when I was 18 and lived all over, Vancouver, Hawaii, Australia and north Carolina etc., been back in new york for two years now. I have a project called Color Collage, you can find this project in, just recently signed to a label here in Brooklyn called paper garden records, got a single coming out in February the record is coming out later this year, why the subways of NYC? I mean I’ve been doing this everywhere I lived since I was 18, all over the world, in a lot of different cities, its something I really like to do its payed practice and every time is different…
– #ShaneConerty

SONG TITLED :: “That’s All She Wrote”

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Verbal Ase

“Subway trains and stations pretty much becomes my stage, even on days that I don’t perform and I walk on the trains, I would just stand there and say to myself “Yes my stage” even though I’m not doing anything”.

“Some people look at me and they don’t know what I’m going to do, so I actually get intimidated a lot, once I see somebody smile towards me, It takes a little bit of that tension off of my shoulders from the stage freight, People can feel my energy, I think its why people like me so much in the subways, trains, and stations”.

“one of my experiences overtime is when hurricane sandy came to New York and I was actually very reluctant to perform because I didn’t want to annoy people, so I went out and it actually turned out to be one of my best days ever, I had so many people coming up to me thanking me personally for cheering them up from having a bad day of no power or flooded streets, for me thats actually better than money, people coming up to me and they thank you and they smile, thats more valuable than money to me”.

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Alejandro Salvia

TS NYC :: ”As I walked to scout the next The Surface NYC talent, I heard the echo of a powerful, melodic tune in the long hallway of Grand central station, I met Alejandro, such an amazing talent, dancer Katrina Moise was just a walking by stander who decided to videobomb the filming by dancing to his music, which ended up being a beautiful and powerful performance by both Alejandro and Kat, their chemistry was amazing, it was not planned or rehearsed in any way, just true natural talent, the art of bringing individuals together through music”

Alejandro Salvia ::

“Yo soy cantante de ópera, el estilo lírico es lo que he hecho toda mi vida. Desde que era un niño imitaba a Plácido Domingo y estudié y soy graduado de la Universidad de las Artes de Cuba, en canto lírico, pero soy versátil, no me gusta encasillarme, hago todo tipo de repertorio”.

“El subway de Nueva York ha sido una plataforma increíble. Cuando yo lllegué a esta ciudad estaba preocupado por dónde iba a estudiar, dónde iba a cantar, y sabes, estaba como estancado, de repente un día con mis amigos pasé por el Subway, y bromeando con ellos me puse aa cantar a ver si alguien me daba un dólar, sabes, bromando con ellos y de repente me di cuenta de que a las personas yo les gustaba, entonces me dije: Ah no, espérate, ya tengo un lugar donde ensayar! Empecé a venir acá a cantar, y visualizaba en mi mente, este es mi lugar para practicar todo los días y de repente de convirtió en un lugar para hacer un concierto diariamente, porque la gente te hace sentir que estás en un concierto, cuando te graban con un celular yo me imagino que me están grabando en la televisión, no sé es un reto maravilloso, a mi me encanta”.


“I am an opera singer, lyrical style is what I have done all my life. Since I was a child always imitating Placido Domingo, I studied, I am a graduate of the University Arts of Cuba, opera singing, but I’m versatile, I do not like to pigeonhole myself, I make all kinds of repertoire”.

The New York City subway has been an incredible platform. When I arrived to this city, I was worried about where I would go to school and where I was going to sing, and you know, I was stagnant, suddenly one day with my friends we went into the Subway, and jokingly I got up to sing to see if anyone would give me a dollar, you know, joking with them and suddenly I realized that people liked my work, so I said: Oh, wait!, now I have a place where I can rehearse! So, I started coming here to sing, and visualized in my mind, this is my place of practice where suddenly has become my every day concert, because people in the subway make you feel like you’re at a concert, when the people record me with their cell phones I imagine myself being recorded for TV, it’s a wonderful challenge, I love it”.


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Alejandro Salvia
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[Dancer] Katrina Moise
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“I was free styling in union square, and he was singing and also dancing in union square, we found out we lived in the same neighborhood in Brooklyn and shared the same musical taste, so we decided to perform together”

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Najah Lewis

“The subway doubles as a practice spot, and booking agency. I love the amazing acoustics! It also affords me the opportunity to hone my craft, while making additional funds to supplement my income as an artist. I’ve booked some of my biggest gigs from being seen/heard underground. Also, the stations I play, have people from all walks of life. I meet so many wonderful people, who also support me outside the stations…by coming to my shows. My priority and obligation IS music. It’s my career, and where I put all my focus. It’s also where I get my greatest enjoyment. I perform at various venues in NYC, Recently, I performed at Waldorf Astoria & Rockefeller Center (Did I mention I absolutely LOVE performing)!!!”

-Najah Lewis

Bedford Ave. L Train // [Wrecking ball cover]

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