NY Busker Arrested Unlawfully

Thank god for videophones.

Andrew Kalleen’s story sounds like the kind of thing a busker would likely invent. Except now, thanks to lovely people like the person holding the above camera, you can see that buskers literally get arrested for no reason – even when the cops know that the busker isn’t doing anything illegal.

It’s a story that we hear far too often.

The law Andrew quotes for the cop is the following;

The Rules governing the conduct and safety of the public in the use of the facilities of New Yorks City transit authority and Manhattan and Bronx surface transit operating authority. Section: 1050.6.c.

The following nontransit uses are authorized and permitted by the authority, provided they do not impede transit activities and they are conducted in accordance with the rules governing conduct and safety….artistic performances, including the acceptance of donations

(Link to full document https://www.tmk.com/nycrr/nycrr.pdf)

The cop read this right there on the platform. He even read it out for everyone to hear. Then he arrested Andrew Kalleen anyway.

The questions presented by on-lookers are perfectly valid as well.

“Is this a good use of police resources and time?”

It takes on average 3 hours to process an arrest, and the cost to the taxpayer of out of court settlements and civil right settlements is astronomical. Is it any wonder trust in the NYPD is so low. Unfortunately this kind of case isn’t restricted to just New York it is something we hear of globally. It just goes to show the plight that faces  many street performers and again highlights the need for good busking policy known by all stakeholders.

A demonstration is taking place today Tuesday 21st October. If your in NY get on down!

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Stefan Mullard