I’ll never get that knighthood now…

Charlotte Cambell in the Evening Standard

Charlotte Campbell, our app and a cameraman from the Evening Standard

BuSK has launched but I fear for my life

Lily and I have been building BuSK since about March. It’s awesome, it’s FREE and it should be on your phone, so next time you walk by a great busker without cash on you, you can still donate. Download it!


It’s not all sunny here. Earlier this week I had a meeting at the House of Lords to meet a Lord who supports live musicians (including buskers) in the UK. But, because I am a total muppet, I got the day mixed up.

For those of you who aren’t British, “Lords” are the people who live in the castles and get butlers to shoot arrows at the rest of us for fun. And for a minimum of 22 minutes (according to the message I got from his PA) this particular nobleman was waiting for this idiot who never showed.

I don’t know how low “disrespecting a lord” comes on the British Etiquette Scale, but I’m finding it difficult to think of anything worse short of treason. Hopefully it’s not still a capital offence.

I say hopefully, because today we are standing within sight of the House of Lords, on the South Bank of the Thames, launching the app. “Hiding in plain sight”, I think they call it.

Busker Poster

So, before I’m hung-drawn-and-quartered, I’d love to know that each and every iPhone-wielding one of you popped over to the app store and downloaded it, then shared it on FB, Twitter etc. That would be lovely.

(Please don’t make me beg on a day that may end with an executioner holding my head aloft for a throng of peasants to howl at)

That’s it! I hope you enjoy the product of the last 8 months of our lives,

Nick, Lily, Dawn and the team xx