Hey all,

Another exciting opportunity.

As part of their “Busking Unbarred” campaign, Tullamore D.E.W. (an Irish Whiskey company) are bringing buskers to music lovers in bars. They’re doing it in conjunction with us. Check it out, and if you’re interested let me know soon.

Busking Unbarred

Clampdowns by authorities in cities worldwide are making it harder for buskers to work, so the ‘Busking Unbarred’ campaign has been developed to celebrate the contribution that buskers make to our towns and cities.

Busking Unbarred Music Promotion

As part of this campaign, we will be running a music download promotion, showcasing ten buskers from the UK and Ireland in 800 bars across the United Kingdom. With each purchase of Tullamore D.E.W. in the UK, people will receive a unique access code to download a song from the acts chosen to be showcased.

If you are a busking act with a recorded album and would like a few of your tracks (2-3) to be included in the download promotion, then get in touch.

Get exposure, sales…

As part of the promotion, you’ll gain not just a lot of exposure across the UK (potentially hundreds of thousands of views per month), but may also lead to direct sales – if your track is chosen and downloaded, the recipient will be prompted to read more about you, and to purchase your album from The Busking Unbarred download site.

…paid gigs and…

There is also the opportunity for acts to be involved with other activities as part of the Busking Unbarred campaign, from playing live sets in bars to busking stages (these will be paid performances).

…Studio time!

The busker whose song is downloaded the most number of times during the promotion will win valuable studio time to record their next album.

Interested? Let me know – nick@thebuskingproject.com.


If you’re wondering why a whiskey company would be interested in buskers, here’s the answer; asking for very little in return, Tullamore D.E.W. commissioned research into busking policy (which we presented to the UN), sponsored our first book and has begun a global busking campaign which is totally aligned with the message we’re trying to put forward: “support and celebrate street performers, and the passionate people who take the risk to share their talent with the world.”

You Are:

  • Over 25
  • A musician
  • You have recorded original music (preferably an album)
  • You’re lively, fun, upbeat, talented
  • Solo artists are welcome, but groups are preferred

Get in touch!

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