Books are my Bag

Dear UK Buskers…

Books Are My Bag has teamed up with The Busking Project to launch The Bookshop Buskers.

The initiative will see buskers and street theatre bring “high streets to life” on Saturday 10th October as part of the industry-wide Books Are My Bag (BAMB) campaign. The partnership’s aim is to provide customers with a lively shopping experience and to remind them that high streets are dynamic social hubs that bring communities together.

The Bookshop Buskers’ performances will coincide with Big Bookshop Parties held by booksellers across the country on 10th October, two days after the biggest day in the publishing calendar, Super Thursday (8th October). Big Bookshop Parties are held as part of the BAMB campaign, and buskers and street performers will sport BAMB T-shirts and tote bags on the day. Nick Broad, founder of The Busking Project, which describes itself as “the world’s largest community of street performers”, said: “Bookshops and buskers have a common goal: to create communities and a culture of togetherness in our town centres. They are a natural fit, and I’m thrilled to be able to help connect the two.”

If you want to perform at a bookshop near you on SATURDAY OCTOBER 10TH, here’s how you can do it.

1. Go to the bookshop search page –

2. Select “All BA Members”. Choose “Search by Town/City” in the drop down menu. Then enter the city you want to perform in and hit “search”.

3. Once you’ve done the search, scroll down to see the list of bookstores. Click on the “i” on the right of the bookstore you’re interested in, to find their contact details.

4. Email the bookstore with the following info:

5. Arrange all logistics, timings and fees etc directly with bookshop.
I’m only going as far as helping the bookstores find buskers. You’ll have to work out the details with them!

6. Once arranged, don’t forget to tweet about it and spread the word. The bookshop will be doing the same.

Thanks, and good luck! Let me know how it goes!