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Voice and electrified classical guitar (Godin ACS SA series) - WHAT AMP????

Hi everybody!
First of all, thank you all for the attention and for the help you will give!

My girlfriend and I are a duo who only recently decided to go and play on the streets. Our instruments are mostly acoustic ones. What we need as a priority is something to plug in a MIC and her electrified classical guitar (Godin ACS SA), but it won't be bad to have a 3rd channel for a bassguitar or bass-ukulele.

I've been surfing the web, included the dedicated pages on this forum, but still I couldn't come up with a solution. Every amp I read of seems to be more suited for electrical or acoustic guitars, while not appropriate for ours.

I'm looking for a portable solution (I'm open to the road of customization and motorbike battery pack if it's the only option), but still we need something wich is lightweight and under the 300€ budget limit

please please please help us XD
It's more than a month that I'm doing daily searches but, even if I'm still I'm a noob of portable amplification, I've waited the more I coud before asking for help on a forum

ps Sorry if we haven't introduced ourself on the forum yet, but as long as we won't have the proper instruments I'm not sure we can define ourselves buskers, though we've already played on the streets sometimes
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