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Hi everyone and can anyone advise me?

Hi everyone, I just joined the site. I am a street performer from Coventry, UK. I play fingerstyle guitar. I have a slight problem though and am hoping someone can advise me. I recently upgraded amps from a micro cube to this 15 watt Hiwatt busker amp which sounds great and is rechargeable. The problem is, I now discover that the battery doesn't hold a charge and needs replacing. However, I dont think the seller had it from new either so I'm not even sure if the battery inside is the right one. I cant get hold of Hiwatt at all, their number on the site is no longer working. So I wondered if anyone has this amp or the similar ashton one or knows which battery is needed? It seems to be these ones used in burglar alarms - a 12v with 3Ah also on it (at least thats whats in it now and I dont even know what the 3Ah stands for) Basically, any info or advice on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks all
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