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New Busker - Help :)

Hi I'm Ellie and I'm new in streetperformance. I already worked in a small circus but now I would like to travel and streetperform for some weeks.
Do you have some general advice?
Maybe someone has some specific information about those cities:

I'm a juggler and it would be great to get some advice... as I am quite nervous. ;)

  • there is a guy that juggles in my area near Cotsco and he does pretty good
  • Hi! If it is still actual this question I can tell about Brussels -you need to go to audition on exact dates and in a few weeks you need to call to ask if you got the permition. You can have 4 monthly permition for a year. You need to go to the comune to take the paper with the spots where you can perform. You can stay 30 min at one space then you need to change location.
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