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Specific cities busking situation review

Hi to all!

I just joined this website because I was looking for a specific discussion about the single cities' situation about busking. So i didn't found anything and i though it could maybe be helpful to do the first step myself!!

I come from Bergamo, a quite small city near Milano, in Italy, and i can for sure tell it's a beautiful place to go busking!! There is a upper part of the city which dates back to medioeval times, and it's for sure a great place to do an exhibition!! The police will bore you only if you are doing your thing near the religious places!!

I hope that this thread will be helpful and that makes you want to collaborate!
And sorry for my english eheh
  • Pietro,
    That place sounds really amazing. Do you need to get a permit?
  • Fort Lauderdale Florida here! The city opened up several areas to busking permit in June 2015. I am all over the Riverwalk area and have a ball with the people on weekends. Permit is 25 bucks one time and then you email the city for reoccurring months.
  • Hi!

    I am from amsterdam and play there regularly. You don't need a permit as long as you dont use amplification. Downside is you cannot play in the centermost part of the city, but I would'nt wanna play there anyway because there is so much traffic, noise and crazy tourists.
    If it's sunny and you've got some happy tunes it's a good business!
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