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Dear Sirs and Madams
I´m writing you as a producer and editor, working for the Berlin based film production company Propeller Film. We plan a show on street artists and busker from all over the world.

Planned are six shows (26min each) in which we will feature three great performers in a certain town or region at a time. Therefore I´m doing reasearch on the most unique and spectacular buskers / street artists worldwide. Not an easy job as you can imagine. Especially since you find buskers on the street and less on internet.

So, I was hoping that you could you recommend someone or even send us a list of contacts to outstanding performers.
I´m looking forward to a fruitful exchange.



"Hi Nick,
Thank you for your quick response.

Its great to hear, because as you see in the Trailer you send me, there are a lot of interesting, spectacular artists you just need to find!
We shot already in LA and in the beginning of August we will shoot three great performers in New York.

And we already sent a proposal for our client concerning Berlin and Montreal. Thats why we look now for outstanding performer in Barcelona, Vancouver and Melbourne.

We are still open for citys worldwide, but we always need to find at least three for each city. If you have any questions considering our project, I am open to answer.

Hope to talk to you soon and thank you very much for your kindness,

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