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Why are so many of Britain's buskers being busted?

This article in Vice asks: Why are so many of Britain's buskers being busted?

The article has an intense quote from busker Tony Scott, 47:
“He got a pad out and took my details. I asked what crime am I committing for you to require my details? After this, the officer became incensed. He put the notebook away, put his cuffs on me and started dragging me along the floor without giving a thought to my equipment”, recounts Scott. “Of course all the wires tangled around my legs and I fell to the floor. He pinned me in some kind of lock that really hurt. I was in absolute agony”

As well as Scott’s own bodily injuries, his music equipment was left damaged. “When I was dragged away, thousands of pounds worth of equipment – my whole life – was left on the street. When I did finally get it back, the amp, the wires and the mic were missing and my Takamine guitar was irreparably damaged and scratched”.

The MET once put out an official statement that "unlicensed busking is a driver of crime". We put in an FOI request with them asking for what evidence they had to prove it. They had none.

Read the article. It's a bit long, but one of the best we've ever read on busking in the UK!
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