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Buskers Festival (in name only)

I don't know how wide this phenomenon is, but it seems that every "busker's festival" in this country (Switzerland) is not real busking. All the acts seem to get a stipend and a hotel room and passing a hat is just gravy.
  • If they're free, open, public events that have the FEEL of a buskerfest, is that enough? I co-produced a buskerfest in Vancouver along with the mighty Dynamike Bonnici, and we were trying to get hotel sponsors to offer free rooms. They weren't paid for being there (passing the hat was essential), but they were somewhat "curated" – in other words, we hand-picked some of the performers. There were open pitches for whomever wanted to perform as well, but the main pitches were... I guess not exactly "busking" in the traditional sense. I'd still call it a buskerfest though!
  • It depends on what you call real busking : As in the other thread I started "is it still busking if you don't ask for tips"

    If they get a 'stipend' is it an actual wage or just to make sure they don't starve if people don't tip?
  • We have a real Buskers Festival in Chattanooga, Tn. It is great.
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