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What's the best city for a CIRCLE SHOW performer to busk in?

We filmed buskers all over the world, and always get asked "what's the best place to busk?" I have my answers, but tell people that it depends on whether you're a musician, circle show, human statue and so on.

So, as a circle show performer, what are the best cities you've ever busked in? I'm not talking about a specific pitch, more like a city – somewhere you can busk in several locations, where you won't get arrested too often and the public are generous...

(is that a dream?)
  • You're dreaming. it's true.

    I loved Copenhagen and Amsterdam. Easy, good for travelers to go through, nice, friendly buskers on site.

    London, Vancouver, Victoria - but all have strict licenses where you better have a great freaking act to get on the big pitches & have seniority.
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