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Nick Broad, founder of The Busking Project (my personal profile)

I used to live with a street performer in New York City who inspired me. 6 years later I came up with the idea for The Busking Project, and 5 years after that I launched this forum. You can read more about that here.

As of writing this I've got one more week left living in New York City. After that, I'll be back in London for a month, then going to the Edinburgh Fringe, then moving to Bogotá, Colombia, to live with my girlfriend.

And I'm not a busker because I have no visible talents. Thankfully, the world is full of amazingly skilled people willing to be brave enough to entertain me whenever I go outside
Casey & Minna
  • Hey,
    Just signed up as a busker....hope to get some good video this holiday season when I hit the NY holiday tourist scene. Love the App,
    all the best!
    Casey & Minna
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